Multidisciplinary Artist

painting • textile • print • sculpture

Movements between two countries

I come from a home where the social and the freelance artistic spirit were united. Intuitively searching and yet purposeful, I have moved between two countries, two cultures and two languages until my path revealed itself.
I experience painting as a natural process of exploration. In this process we learn to embody our feelings, to show ourselves authentically and to explore our world. The focus is on the process itself, not the outcome.


Unhappy with city life in Berlin and looking for a place to protect the family from the events of the current world crisis, I ended up back in Cojáyar. An abandoned place that offers plenty of space and time to become artistically and constructively active. A place where time stands still. My observations intensify here. This place inspires me a lot.


I'll show you what's important at the moment. In doing so, I use all my senses, because only in this way can we find our true self. Only when I use the full energy of my actions, does the result become authentic and speaks or stands for itself. After many years of practice in artistic expression and accompanying other people painting, I have developed my own signature. Recurring forms and structures accompany me and appear again and again in my works.



This exhibition features 26 graphic works created over 2018-2021. My works are based on real and unreal events, captured emotions, feelings, thoughts, dreams and illusions that accompany me.

"Tetra-Pack-Prints" In this technique, I use an etching press to print on paper. First I use a pointed tool to make my drawing on a tetrabrik or tetrapak drink carton, which I recycle to use as etching plates. Compared to traditional copper or zinc plates, this material is much lighter and cheaper and is ideal for creating unique works, due to its limited edition properties. „Collagraphy-Prints“ Is a printmaking process which materials are applied to a rigid substrate (paperboard or wood).

Centro de patrimonio cultural de la Alpujarra, Ugíjar